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How to Write Short Sales

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Facing the prospect of a foreclosure on your home or some other real estate is frustrating and even frightening. The impact a foreclosure on your credit score and record is profound and long enduring. Therefore, if foreclosure is on the horizon for you, consider preemptive alternatives that are avai

Last Will and Testament

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The will is a legal document or a declaration by a person to transfer his personal property that includes all the wealth and belongings, to a person who is effective as a testament at death of the testator. The will and testament can be written to give all the property rights to a single person or c

Rule 11 Plea Agreements

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In the United States, defendants involved in criminal proceedings sometimes can make a deal, whereby they receive a reduced sentence in return for admitting their guilt. This is known as plea-bargaining, and Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure contains rules for making pleas in crimin