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Themes for Table Top Trees

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Decorating your home for any holiday or season is a relatively easy way to change your home decor. Adding a tabletop tree to a room or hallway allows you to add interest to that area without going "over the top." Whether using a real tree or a man-made version, factoring in the scale of the tree its

Halloween Costumes to Make

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Even those who don't consider themselves the crafty type sometimes relish the opportunity to fashion their own Halloween costumes. You don't need to be a seamstress or own a sewing machine to make a Halloween costume. With a little creativity and some readily available objects, you can show up this

Tree Jungle Craft

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Learning about different environments other than the one they live in is an important lesson for young children to learn. Knowing that there is a world outside of the one they are accustomed to gives them an idea that some animals need a different habitat to thrive, and begins to help them understan