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How to Prepare a Will

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The best way to plan for your loved ones after you die is to prepare a will. A will allows you to express your wishes as to how you would like your property and money distributed. Most states have specific rules that you must follow to make the will legal and valid. If you die without a will your as

African Cooking Utensils

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Traditional African cooking utensils include large cast-iron pots, wooden mortars and pestles, stone and wooden grinders, wooden and metal spoons and firewood. Although it is difficult to generalize all tribes in Africa as a whole when it comes to food and cooking techniques, there are some similar

Early Monuments

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In Egypt, the pyramids at Giza are a supreme example of ancient engineering.Pyramids fo Giza image by AJT from Fotolia.comThroughout history, humans have built colossal monuments to pay homage to famous persons, events, gods and nature, or to increase the splendor of the cities in which...