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How to Raise Live Crawfish

Crayfish are also known as crawdads and crawfish, and they are small crustaceans that resemble very small lobsters. They are typically freshwater animals, and they are easily found in North America in lakes, rivers and streams. Crayfish are solitary creatures and are aggressive to each other and oth

Pet Care and Alternative Medicines

Pets and love go together. Children that grow up with pets have less allergies and are generally healthier and more stimulated than otherwise. Pets provide exercise, companionship, comfort and security and are beneficial for the heart, according to the latest medical research. They are usually a joy

Snakes Found in New York State

Snakes are legless members of the taxonomic class of animals known as reptiles. New York state is home to 17 snake species of various sizes and colors, the majority of which are harmless to humans. Though oft-feared, some of the state's snakes help keep pests in check, including rodents and insects.