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Fear of Government; Survey Said!

The votes were flooding in more and more each day to the online think tank survey, as you might have guessed Global Warming and Al Qaeda were both big on the chart. But looking through the data we saw more and more fears such as; Fear of Government; Survey Said, it ranks 7 on the list of the biggest

Why The GOP Needs Centrists

If Republicans, and conservatives ever hope to regain their position of power in Washington they are going to have to come to terms with Rockefeller Republicans, RINOS, moderates, centrists etc. While they may not agree on everything, if they take a serious look, issue by issue, most will find that

Commandments, Not Suggestions? Why Is God Pushy, or Is It for Self-Government Like the Constitution?

Self-government is the basis of freedom, and the U.S. Constitution wisely provides for numerous liberties not found in other countries. The 10 Commandments were also a document of self-government. Living within those guidelines was the foundation for a free and happy people for 200 years. Why not no