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Fear of Government; Survey Said!

The votes were flooding in more and more each day to the online think tank survey, as you might have guessed Global Warming and Al Qaeda were both big on the chart. But looking through the data we saw more and more fears such as; Fear of Government; Survey Said, it ranks 7 on the list of the biggest

How to Put a Ballot in a Voting Box

The right of suffrage is one of the fundamental features of a democratic nation, and thus, citizens of these nations are strongly encouraged to cast their votes to elect their officials or decide on important government issues. In modern times, this is still done in many parts of the world by fillin

How to Write & Mail Letters

In the world of e-mail, a physical letter is almost a lost art. The way you format a letter will depend on to whom you are sending it. If you are writing to a friend, you can be more informal than if you are writing a business letter. Mail a letter through the post office. However, the address may b