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Flowers for Under Trees

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Growing conditions under trees range from partial to full shade and from wet to dry soil. Trees filter the direct sunlight, so flowers planted under the trees must have low-light needs. The thick branches on some trees keep rainfall from hitting the ground, creating arid conditions. Flowers planted

How to Polinate Flowers

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Pollination is a natural process that involves nature and humans alike. Wind and insects pollinate plants naturally. Cross-pollination produces genetic exchange form one flower to the other, while self-pollination only exchanges genetic information from one flower. Artificial or human-aided pollinat

Pink and Winter Jasmine

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The world's roughly 200 species of Jasmine (Jasminum spp.) shrubs and vines thrive in the mild climates of Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, Malaysia and southern Europe. For many people, the word "jasmine" evokes thoughts of haunting fragrance. Even unscented jasmine varieties, however, offer rapi