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3 Headache Types

Pain Diseases
More often than not headaches are just as their name suggests - head aches. They can be quite severe of course but in general there is no serious underlying problem. On the rare occasion though headaches can be one of the signals the body gives us that there is a more serious underlying illness.

Is A Chiropractor A Doctor?

Pain Diseases
Many misconceptions surround chiropractic and what being a chiropractic doctor are really about. Often misunderstood, the chiropractic profession has been around now for over 100 years and still there are many questions asked by people and one of the most common being "Is a chiropractor a real

Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Pain Diseases
Plantar fasciiitis is usually brought about by shoes that don't have a good fit. You should try to make sure you've always got on the proper shoe to lessen the likelihood that you'll become afflicted. You can drastically reduce foot discomfort and go about your daily activities withou