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Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance
There are so many health insurance plans out there, it can often be hard to pick one. Most people opt to use the health insurance provided by their employer. However, you may want more comprehensive coverage than those plans provided by your employer. Also, if you are self-employed or unemployed, yo

Single Provider Practices

Health Insurance
Today I read an op-ed article from a provider lamenting the eminent demise of the single provider practice. His feeling was that the single provider would need to be replaced over time by a multi-specialty practice due to economic realities. As I read the article, I understand why he thinks so, but

Disability Insurance Needs

Health Insurance
While many people have insured their lives so that their families can be taken care of if they die, most people do not take the time to insure against disability. A disability could actually be more devastating financially because income could stop coming in and no cash settlement may be provided.