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Healthy Eating Activities

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Whether trying to lose weight, or when attempting to maintain a healthy weight, good eating habits are essential. In an age where people are busier than ever, and fast-food restaurants are everywhere, eating well isn't always easy. There are some healthy eating activities, however, that can make ach

Dora the Explorer Cake Ideas

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Dora the Explorer is an educational cartoon character who teaches kids about having fun and doing the right thing in both English and Spanish. If Dora's an inspiration to your kids, making a Dora-themed cake may be on your list of things to do. From the simple to the more involved, creating a Dora c

How to Store Wheat Seeds

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Also referred to as wheat berries, wheat seeds contain everything needed to grow a new plant. However, since they contain the fat in the wheat germ, improperly stored wheat seeds can go rancid and develop a foul odor or taste. The proper storage is the same whether storing wheat berries for eating o