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Cupcake Packaging Ideas

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Individually packaged cupcakes make great gifts.isolation of a chocolate frosted cupcake image by David Smith from Fotolia.comCupcakes make the perfect gift. They are small and delicious and can be taken anywhere. They are also easy to make. You may not be a cake decorator or especially...

How to Make Warm Wine

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Mulled wine is a traditional European holiday drink. Called Glühwein in German, mulled wine is served warm and flavored with sugar, citrus and spices. Optionally, a hard liquor can be added at the end to increase the alcoholic content of the mixture (do not add hard liquor to the cooking wine a

How to Put on Healthy Fat

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It is definitely the norm in modern day America to struggle with weight issues. However, it is an all-together different struggle when that battle involves putting weight on rather than losing it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2006, nearly 1.8 percent of the populat