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Important European Art Galleries

A European gallery might house statues from ancient European cultures.Roman art gallery, Vatican Museums image by Eishier from Fotolia.comOften the term art gallery is interchanged with art museum. There are thousands of museums all over the world and many thousands more art galleries. An...

How to Scatter Ashes on the Coast

Cremation is chosen by many people over traditional burial. One reason for this is that it allows those who are left behind to scatter the ashes of their loved one in a place that holds special meaning. If you choose to scatter your loved one's ashes in a coastal area, take the time to properly plan

How to Answer a Phone Call

The way you answer the phone can make your company lose customers or can make friends and family delay calling you. An improper answer, including mumbling, using slang or answering after too many rings all speak volumes about your business or your household. Train all employees to answer the phone p