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How to Make Praise Banners

Praise banners inspire Christians to worship God. Colorful banners can display Christian symbols, inspirational messages or scripture quotes. Banners can be carried on wooden dowels or hung on sanctuary walls with brackets. With some creativity and a little labor, you can create your own.

How to Conjugate Spanish Words

Understanding how to conjugate verbs is vital to learning a new language. Nearly every language conjugates verbs, including English. Spanish verbs are conjugated according to the subject of the sentence and the ending (-ar, -er or -ir) of the verb's root word. Each ending has different rules for ve

How to Find a Roommate in Georgia

Finding a roommate in Georgia might be the equivalent of stepping into the twilight zone for some would-be roomies. Since Georgia is known to be a hospitality and family oriented state, most homes and apartments are built for one family unlike New York style homes which offer roommate floor plans, l