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What Skills Do Employers Look for?

There are several common skills employers are looking for when interviewing job candidates. It is important to highlight your top skills at the top of your resume. Also, make sure you know which skills are most important to the interviewing employers. These skills are usually listed in the job descr

Naval Ship Classifications

Ships in the U.S. Navy have several classifications.battleship image by goce risteski from Fotolia.comThe U.S. Navy has dozens of types of ships, but a few main ship classifications are important to know. Whether you're a naval buff or a new recruit looking to start learning about ships...

MBA Job Options

According to CNN Money, in 2009, graduates with an MBA looked for jobs as corporate leaders in management consulting, finance, high technology and marketing. Large companies such as Google, Nike and Apple that offer opportunities in a diverse range of functions are attractive options for MBA graduat