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How to Do a Debt Snowball

Debt is all but inevitable when personal spending succumbs to credit card balances, minimum payments and a buy-now-pay-later mentality. Debt grows fast. Getting out of debt is a much slower process, but it is possible. It's important you take inventory of your situation so you can begin paying down

Chapter 13 Questions

Chapter 13 bankruptcy--also known as individual reorganization--allows people to restructure their debts into one manageable payment per month. The court oversees the payment plan to ensure debtors pay back the maximum amount of debt without causing further financial strain. For this...

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This plan is sometimes referred to as an income-based or wage-earner's plan. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Evaluation gives the debtor the option of proposing a plan of repayment which will either extend or reduce the amount of any obligations and give him the chance to be discharged from any unsecured