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How to Fill a Jeep Transfer Case

A Jeep's transfer case routes the power produced by the engine to either the two rear wheels, or to all four of the Jeep's wheels for off-road driving. Within the transfer case are a number of gears and seals. To lubricate and cool the interior components of the transfer case, the case is filled wit

How to Mix Paint for a Car

For do-it-yourself types, painting your own vehicle can save you a lot of money. However, this is not a project that should be taken on unless you are absolutely certain of what you are doing. If you mix the paint wrong, it can have some dire results, such as losing luster or not being thick enough

How to Replace a Broken Fuel Cap

You might think your gas cap is just another lid, but it does more than just keep your gas from spilling out out of your car. One of your gas cap's main jobs is to keep your car's fuel from evaporating into the air. If your gas cap is missing or broken, you can experience up to a 2 percent loss of f