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What Is a Malpractice Lawyer?

    Medical Malpractice

    • Medical malpractice cases can be filed against doctors, hospitals or another medical professional who is accused of causing harm to a patient through improper care, such as misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, failure to treat, injury during surgery or any other error. The malpractice attorney might represent the plaintiff (person filing the complaint) or the medical professional.

    Legal Malpractice

    • Attorneys can be sued for malpractice by clients and both the client and attorney can be represented by malpractice attorneys. An attorney who is negligent or violates her contract or fiduciary duty (responsibility to work in the best interest of client) may be held accountable in a court of law.

    Psychologists and Therapists

    • Malpractice attorneys can file suit on behalf of a client against any professional who violates professional standards of care. Malpractice attorneys also represent the professional being sued. The types of harm clients claim against clinical psychologists and therapists are having sexual relationships with the client or inducing false memories of past abuse during therapy.

    Successful Malpractice Suits

    • The vast majority of successful malpractice suits are against medical professionals.


    • If the professional person is found liable in a malpractice case. the court will order him to pay compensation to the plaintiff for economic and non-economic (for example physical or psychological pain) damages and punitive damages.

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