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MaxrvuMobile Charge Capture For Physicians

GingerCube Inc. provides brilliant billing solutions for medical practices saving physicians time and money every day. Their product, maxRVU, is a premier charge capture solution that provides physicians an easy way for capturing billing data at the point of care. maxRVU version 2 is now available and can be downloaded for free at the Apple app store and Android Marketplace.

maxRVU uses the latest technology available in mobile devices like GPS, camera, microphone to offer a rich experience, automate and minimize data entry and look up information on the go. Medical groups can share patients between their doctors and keep track of shared billing sessions. Physicians can keep track of encounters with photos and audio notes. maxRVU also provides a very simple and intuitive way to look up ICD and CPT codes. It provides a comprehensive user experience that optimizes the workflow by minimizing data entry.

A very smart web interface is also available for physicians, billers and office assistants. The portal provides a dashboard for the physician to view their revenue generation based on charge capture, keep track of cases to be billed and recent patient encounters. Billers and assistants for the physician get their own access with relevant views of the data.

This popular mobile charge capture solution is now even quicker and smarter. maxRVU now introduces new flows that allow quick and intuitive capturing of ICD and CPT codes. Once the physician picks the CPT code, maxRVU enables a smooth flow for capturing related ICD and Modifier codes. When starting a session with a CPT code, maxRVU offers the physician a crosswalk or suggestions for ICD codes that are valid for the captured CPT code.

Physicians work under different setups and need to capture relevant RVUs. They can now choose between the various RVU types for each encounter or session they have with the patient. They have the flexibility to record one encounter with say Work RVUs and another one with Total Facility RVUs or any other RVU.

Also new in this version is the ability to manage a list of favorite ICD and CPT codes. maxRVU provides a quick and relevant search mechanism. The physician can search for a code, review the details and add it to the favorites list. These lists can be organized as preferred by adding, deleting or reordering codes in the list.

Physicians work with patients who may or may not require a hospital stay. They can now designate a patient as inpatient or outpatient as the case may be. This is particularly helpful for their billers who can setup charges to the insurance companies accordingly. Once a session or encounter data has been entered by the doctor and approved for billing it is transitioned automatically to the biller queue. The Billers can then review and send the information to the insurance company. If the biller were to find any issue with the codes, they can enter in their notes and revert it back to the physician for review. This session will then show up on the Physicians pending queue.

A free trial of this mobile charge capture solution is available for 30 days with all features enabled and thereafter can be subscribed to for a monthly fee. Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android.

GingerCube Inc. is based in Dallas, TX and is led by physicians and technologists with over 20 years of experience.

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