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Waterproofing With Asphalt Shingles:advantages Vs Disadvantages

Hereunder we will cite the main advantages of asphalt shingles and then we will take a look at their disadvantages. In this way a spherical view of asphalt shingles could be obtained.


1. Asphalt shingles are suitable for a wide temperature range: -50oC to +90oC.

2. They provide an economical – but not cheap – roof covering solution.

3. They resist temperature shocks. These shocks could be at a level of 30oC on daily basis.

4. The high percentage of overlaps provides reliable waterproofing.

5. Their minimal water absorptivity make them safe against frost attack.

6. They are lightweight: 10-11 Kg/m2 and thus dead loads on the roofs are reduced.

7.Application procedures are quite simple and prices are very logical. Productivities are quite high: 150m2/day/team of two experienced workers.

8. Aesthetics is considered to be high. There are a lot of options. The big number of colours, shapes etc. permits personalized solutions.

9. Asphalt shingles can cover every type of roof however complicated it might be. They can satisfy even extreme architectural choices.

10. Possible damages are easily repairable.


1. Shorter functional life: Their life is shorter than other traditional materials as cement and clay tiles, slates, metallic tiles etc. A functional life of 15-20 years for a good quality asphalt shingle seems to be logical.

We have seen guarantees for 30 years or more. These are marketing exaggerations at least for the european market. The most respected european firms issue a 10-years warranty that conforms to the european norms.

2. Asphaltic shingles usually attract big amounts of heat which are then radiated downwards. Big amounts of heat influence shingles in a negative way, reducing their life-span.

3. Substandard application techniques make asphalt shingles prone to wind uplift. Choice of nails – never staples – should be very strict and nailing procedures meticulous.

4. Asphalt shingles are prone to mechanical damage when walked on – particularly if temperatures are high.

5. Project soundness and aesthetics relies heavily on sustrate faultnessness.

6. Colour fading is not unusual, however the phenomenon is less pronounced with lighter granule colours.

7. Colour inconsistencies - shading – are usual phenomena, predominantly with dark shades.

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