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Wordpress Customization: Latest Version 3.0 Arrived

WordPress is bloggers first choice. Being so, bloggers keep always waiting for arrival of its new featured versions. With the arrival of its major version update, namely the WordPress v3.0, their expectation might have met to a great extent.

Thelonius is the code name of this new version. It has gone through an out-and-out beta process and has all capacity to be used for building a website. Previous to the arrival of WordPress v3.0, the version 2.9 was recorded to have been downloaded by over ten million times, proving it to be pretty popular among those who were intending to have a digital presence without having to spend a penny! Anyway, this latest version can blend blog with CMS and add loads of features seamlessly.

The extraordinary trait that distinguishes this WordPress version 3.0 from its predecessors is that it takes a distinct turn away from being a blogging-specific platform to a platform congenial for Web Content Management System. With becoming so, WordPress can now be used to develop or custom design personal, business, academic, and corporate websites, and of course, blogs.

For the knowledge of those intending to use this platform, here is some important points they should know.

WordPress is an open-source software script. It is widely used to develop eye-catching websites, or blogs. Behind the competency of this publishing tool lies the power of PHP and MySQL. Being fully customizable, this tool is popularly known as WordPress customization. Custom develop your blog by using it and drawing out themes and plug-ins available in countless numbers in its archive.
WordPress customization service has never been meant for blog development only. It can be used for multiple purposes, for its nonpareil flexibility and a wide range of user-friendly features. For these reasons, it has become one of the first choices for millions of developers.

With using the service of WordPress customization, you can avail the benefits of developing content-rich websites that may work brilliantly for the sake of ecommerce purposes. You can use it for developing simple blogging site or even for large corporate site. Building search engine friendly sites has become easier with the advent of WordPress v3.0 than with the versions prior to its advent.

Not only these advantages as if they are obtainable as one-touch wonder, you can also expect that all parameters of a standard website are strictly followed. Adherence to W3C parameters is also a breeze while developing a website with WordPress Customization service. Also, a WordPress website can be designed in line with the SEO benchmarks.

In short, you can transform your vision into reality with this free web development tool. Expectation from it was getting a new high every time over past years. With the advent of this WordPress v3.0, their expectations might have been fulfilled to a considerable state. It is being foreseen that the development of WordPress sites seems to take well-deserved breather with its fan developers focusing more on developing plug-ins, APIs, mailing list, and several other related activities.

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