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Top 8 points for the promotion of weight loss

On the road to weight loss, fitness and health, you can easily become discouraged. In fact, discouragement is what leads many people to give up when they were close to significant progress and promote their program point.

I put together my "top 10" points of promotion will help keep your spirits high on your way to weight loss, fitness and health.

1st It is better - and often very quickly! Many people that are significantly overweight or who have been sedentary for a long time to find any activity, even walking a few hundred feet, is very difficult and inconvenient. Be encouraged, many physiological changes take place very quickly once you start moving. Walking, for example, starts getting easier and easier for a couple of weeks. Keep moving - every day there will be a little better! Be encouraged!

2nd I love this Mother's history. He just wants to impress her by sitting at your computer. Margie from Madison, Wisconsin weighed 296 pounds when she began to walk the neighborhood. She says that she began to walk about half a block twice a day and that it was incredibly difficult at first.

After the second day, she decided to quit smoking, but a neighbor encouraged her to continue. Every day she walked the same route but added a little distance in a week. She said that there were many days when she wanted to quit, but she wanted very badly to lose weight and be healthy. After several months of her neighborhood, people began to notice her consistency and her progress, and began to give his compliments and words of encouragement. She said that after a few months away, it went from painful to enjoyable.

About ten months of your walking program, she began her morning walk as usual, but she noticed people in their yards. As she passed each yard they were clapping and cheering her, "Go, Margie," "We are proud of you Margie", "Congratulations Margie!" She said, tears of happiness flowed through my entire walk in the morning over a hundred people applauded it all along your route! Be encouraged!

3rd Visible progress in weight loss programs are often very slow to come. Healthy weight loss takes time, but it can be very discouraged. Be encouraged to know that every day that you exercise and eat healthy foods in moderation and you have made. It can be measured in that day, but you have made progress and will be measured in a few weeks and months. Be encouraged!

4th Katherine was 43 years old and have been sedentary for 20 years. Remains at the 20 years - it still weighed 136 pounds, but she knew that she had lost muscle and gained fat. Her waist was bigger and she could not fit into the same amount of clothing that she was 20 years old. What bothered her most was that she was always tired and never power.

She decided to start walking and weight training, but quit after a week. She said: "It's too uncomfortable, I can not keep doing this." I am further encouraged and told her that it would be better. She "quit" three times over the next two weeks. We talked often. After six weeks, she began to notice the muscle tone and she noticed that her endurance and energy level has increased dramatically. She said: "I am very encouraged!"

Eight months, she received two pounds on the scale but lost three inches in his waist - and she walked a marathon! Yeeeeeeesss! Be encouraged!

5th The whole idea of ??physical education, that you push your body to do a little more than a convenience, and it responds by making physical and physiological changes. These changes can you make a little more with less discomfort. Be encouraged!

6th Gerald New Orleans, Louisiana has lost 85 pounds when he started walking and weight training. When he lost weight, he decided to do something that would allow him to fully assess their weight. For the whole day, he played around a bag that is 85 pounds of metal weights.

Getting around during the day was a struggle and very tiring. At the end of the day he was exhausted! Life without the weight is great! Be encouraged!

7th Keep records of their progress. Every day, write down the positive changes you've noticed, but also save you exercise every day. Write down what you did, how long you did it, and no information about your use of the idea for the day. Keep running all of your minutes. You can look back at what you have done with a great sense of accomplishment, and you will be motivated to do more. Be encouraged!

8th During the day, will change your life! I believe God created people to on a daily basis. Why? because when you have a lot of good things to happen ..

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