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You, Astrology And The Birth Chart: Finding Your "I" Connects You To The Universe.

Although your Birth Chart is all about 'You', your life and evolution and let's face it everything begins with self. There is nothing wrong with this, as it is part of our process and progress. The natural zodiac begins with Aries, which is a very 'Me' sign. We all need to develop deeper insight into ourselves. Having a deeper understanding will promote harmony with our inner self. This is what our Birth Chart is all about.

We receive more than we bargained for!

For those who begin to work with their chart in earnest and in so doing begin to appreciate the wisdom of astrology; you gain a great deal more than what you signed up for. You develop a connection to the spirit of life, its meaning and the Universe. We are actually like dumb notes, until we tune into our source, then life begins to sparkle.

We can only speak from our own experience, but I have witnessed this happening to others as they make the connection back to their core self. Becoming aware of our core self and learning to operate from it is just one of the gifts of astrology. There is however, much more.


Looking back on my own experience, I always had a fascination with astrology. When young, I perceived it as a way of looking into the future. In my naivety and being a Sagittarius Sun, I believed in a rosy future and my chart would tell me wonderful things, ha! With this type of Sun however, at a deeper level I always wondered what life was really about. What's the point, I often thought, to life as we all die. Questioning my parents about this, my mum's reply was 'you live again through your children'. Even at my young age I knew I never wanted children and maybe this, plus with both a fascination and fear of death my quest for understanding life stirred within me.

The nearest I came to astrology was reading my stars in the magazines, until at the age of 42, (which can often be a turning point to one's life); I decided to learn more about the subject. This was indicated in my chart, but that's another story! Still wearing my rose coloured glasses and believing in a better future, I began my quest.

This is the Point!

I may have begun my journey with naivety and of course my Sagittarius optimism, but what it actually did was to quench my inner search for deeper reasons and understanding about life. It not only connected me to my source, my core self, I began to feel connected to the universe. I remember thinking; gosh there is a vast intelligence behind all this. You can only appreciate astrology's true value if you study it in depth. Anyone who does so cannot deny its wisdom and ability to connect you to all life and its different dimensions. In perceiving a bigger picture you come to realise that there is no such thing as a separated 'I', as we are all indeed connected not just to each other but to the whole Universe.

The real gem of astrology is learning about it through your own Chart. Here, two things are happening simultaneously. Through your Birth Chart you are becoming aware of your inner self, which is the director of your outer circumstances and life. This eventually will connect you back to your core self. You are also learning the language of astrology, which clearly shows the dynamic energy of life. The more you delve into this fascinating subject the more you begin to see the sequence and connection to all of life.

In essence you are learning about yourself and what better subject can one study!!! In so doing you are absorbing astrology which stretches your consciousness, giving you further insights not just into yourself but the whole of life. This broadens your awareness and adds greater meaning to life. This of course does not take away all your troubles and challenges, but boy can you face and deal with them far better from the depth of understanding and higher perspective you now have on life.

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