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How to Make a Second Appointment for a Visa

    • 1). Schedule an appointment at the closest regional service center. Visit the InfoPass system online at:

    • 2). Click the first button from the top, "Make your appointment with Infopass."

    • 3). Enter your home zip code in the box, then click "Continue."

    • 4). Select the first option, "You need service on a case that has already been filed," then click "Continue".

    • 5). Select the appropriate type of appointment, then click "Next".

    • 6). Enter your applicant information , receipt number, an alien number, then click "Next."

    • 7). Select the date, as well as time desired for your appointment, then click "Next."

    • 8). Print the appointment request form. This will have the request number. This form must be presented at the local service center upon arrival for your appointment.

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