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Decoupage Art Projects for School Auctions


    • Reclaimed furniture from rummage sales, second hand stores or inexpensive bulk items can be beloved pieces in the homes of buyers at your auction, and provide large returns for the school. Decorated end tables can brighten a corner, breakfast tables bring a touch of art to every family meal and wood chairs can create a mismatched or themed set for an eclectic household. A dresser converted with decoupage becomes the eye-catching piece of furniture in a bedroom, and a decorated desk can make studying or work projects at home more exciting.

    Functional Household Items

    • Non-furniture items can be easier to purchase in bulk and make it more likely for families to participate in decorating. The lazy susan, known for providing easy reach of condiments and snacks on a dining table, or for grabbing a spice bottle in an otherwise crowded cabinet, is a saver of frustration. It also happens to be an excellent forum for spinning art, whether it be themed, abstract or realistic. Jewelry and cigar boxes can be repurposed for holding almost any small loose objects, and decorated well, can be a quick auction sale. Vases and flower pots can be covered in tissue paper or clipped art to add as much color as the flowers they hold. Other functional household items that can be transformed into compelling works of art include wastepaper baskets, lunch boxes, clocks and simple serving trays.


    • Sometimes art is simply meant to be art. While some of these may be considered functional, their main purpose serves to provide beauty to a home. Paper lanterns can be found in solid colors, ready for light applications of thin tissue paper and art cut outs. Decorative plates made from plain, secondhand store finds, can hang on walls to provide three-dimensional displays of color; a set of mix-and-match abstract art plates can create an intricate pattern on a living room wall. Decoupage wooden photo frames to add a decorative border to favorite photos, or stylize a wall tile to be added to a buyer's kitchen or bathroom border.


    • Where jewelry boxes hold something dear, so too do the stiff, hardbound covers of scrapbooks, photo albums, sketch books, journals and diaries. Create lasting memories with decoupaged keepsake books. These unique forms of art can speak to the artist within the buyer, inspiring drawings, stories or fond moments of nostalgia. With some forethought into a theme for each cover, auction-goers can add their own lives to the art provided by your keepsake books.

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