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How to Compile Chrome OS Source Code

    • 1). Open a terminal. Install the depot-tools package by typing "svn co" Add depot-tools to your path by typing "export PATH="$PATH":`pwd`/depot_tools."

    • 2). Install the git revision control system by typing "sudo aptitude install git-core gitk git-gui." Configure git by typing the following:

      git config --global ""
      git config --global "Your Name"

    • 3). Create a directory for your Chrome source code by typing "mkdir -p ${HOME}/chromiumos."

    • 4). Download the source code. In your terminal, type the following:

      cd ${HOME}/chromiumos
      repo init -u
      repo sync

    • 5). Create a chroot by typing "cd src/scripts" and "./make_chroot" into the terminal. Chroot is like a machine within a machine -- it contains a compiler and its own set of tools, and this is where you will actually build the Chrome OS. When the chroot has been created -- which may take up to an hour, depending on your machine's architecture -- move to its directory with "./"

    • 6). Determine the processor and motherboard for which you will be building Chrome, as the two options have different file requirements. If you will be building for an ARM CPU board, type "BOARD=arm-generic" to set the shell variable. If you will be building for an x-86 compatible board, type "BOARD=x86-generic." After this, initialize your build with "./setup_board --board=${BOARD}."

    • 7). Set a chronos user password -- this is Chrome's way of starting a command line interface -- with "./" You are prompted for a password.

    • 8). Build the packages by typing "./build_packages --board=${BOARD} --oldchromebinary" in your terminal. This is the equivalent of "make all."

    • 9). Create the disc image of Chrome, which can be loaded to a computer's hard drive, by typing "./build_image --board=${BOARD} --withdev --noenable_rootfs_verification." You can burn the disc image this creates to a hard drive or DVD to act as an install disc.

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