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If You Start An Internet Business.....don" t Believe These Lies!

Starting an Internet business can be tough. Especially if you have never owned your own business in the past. Not only that but your family and friends can discourage you from ever starting your business!! They will tell you, that only a few people ever make any money and it is a HUGE waste of time!

Sadly, though they may be half right. The truth is that only 2% of people who start an Internet business of any kind DO make any money. However, it isn't because these people are any more talented than you and I, It's because they knew ahead of time the 5 great lies of Internet business.

1. Starting An Internet Business Is Expensive

An Internet business can actually be started for ZERO cost! That is why this is the very first great lie of Internet business. When you are getting started in your online business you can start with something as cheap and simple as affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Marketing cost you nothing to get started, and your only job is to drive traffic to a website that you don't own. Then once people purchase a product from that affiliate website, through your link, you get a commission. And here's the best part: There is almost an endless amount of ways that you can drive traffic to any website, many of them FREE.

2. You Can "Get Rich Quick" With An Internet Business

Many people have a "Get Rich Quck" mentality when they first start their Internet Business. These people think that having their own Internet business is easy and does not require any work. This is NOT TRUE, and thus the 2nd great lie of Internet business.

Often times the people you see who are "overnight successes" on the Internet, have spent months if not years perfecting their business. Very rarely will someone truly be a "overnight success", and when that does happen, it is almost all luck.
So the bottom line here is, your Internet business is exactly that.....a business! Treat it like one, work dilligently on it, and never give up. Success takes time.

3. You Must Know HTML, Programming And Graphic Designing In Order To Start Your Business

I have to admit that this is one thing that held me up a little personally. Trust me when I tell you, I do not know any programming at all. In fact, I could not put together a web page if you held a gun to my head. However, what I found was that there are people who are willing to do this for you.....for cheap!

Sites like Elance, and Odesk are sites where you can hire people to do all of this work for you. What I live best about using those sites is that you can get the work done fairly cheap! Most of the bidders at Elance and ODesk are from India and will be willing to do the programming work for you, for as little as 6.00$ per hour!

4. You Don't Need To Know How To Sell Anything

Think about the logic in that statement above. It doesn't make sense. Of course, you need some salesmanship abilities! How on earth do you plan on selling things on the Internet without being able to sell?

Now don't panic, if you don't currently know how to sell. This is all stuff that can be taught. However, you must go into your Internet business with the knowledge that you will need to learn how to sell.

5. You Don't Need To "Build A List"

Have you ever heard the phrase "The Money Is In The List"? Building a list is essential to having success with a Internet business. Without a list, you won't make any money!

Building a list is important because it builds your list of people that you can market and sell to! Not only that, but you can sell to the same people multiple times.

The 5 great Internet lies listed above are all things you must know and accept. You have to be smart in order to really achieve success that you could possibly imagine. Success is like enlightenment. It is a path and not a destination.

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