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How to Do Branches in QuickBooks

    QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro

    • 1). Purchase the QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro Multi-Store application. This application includes a license to install it in as many as 10 locations with up to 10 computers per store on the software.

    • 2). Specify the home store location in the system configuration panel of the first installation. All of the other branches must run a system closing process at the end of each day to close out the day's transactions.

    • 3). Choose "Store Exchange" from the system menu at the end of each day from the home location. This process synchronizes the records with the home store so that the headquarters location always has a full record of the financial activity.

    Transaction Classes

    • 1). Click the "List" menu in your QuickBooks application window. Select "Class Lists" in the menu to modify the classes in your application.

    • 2). Click the "Class" link in the bottom left of the screen. Select "New" then add a class for each additional branch. Click "Save" to store each branch in the Class list.

    • 3). Click the drop-down arrow beside the "Class" list when you add transactions. Select the appropriate branch in the list. Filter your transaction reports by "Class" to separate each branch in the reporting.

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