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Assembly Instructions for a Sauder 42 Espresso TV Stand

    • 1). Slide the top and bottom cross boards into the assembly slots on the right table leg. You will hear them click into place.

    • 2). Stand the unit up. Slide the top and bottom cross boards into the assembly slot on the left leg. Be sure they click into place.

    • 3). Insert front cross board into the holes on the legs.

    • 4). Place the bottom shelf onto the dowels on the legs and bottom cross board by pushing the shelf in from the side. Push down to secure the shelf. Repeat this process to install the middle shelf.

    • 5). Insert the middle cross board into the hole on the front cross board.

    • 6). Insert the middle cross board into the interconnect slot on the top cross board.

    • 7). Insert the stand's front drawers.

    • 8). Secure the top shelf into the legs by inserting the locking pins into the holes underneath the top shelf. Adjust floor levelers, if needed, to even out the unit.

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