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A LinkedIn Ad Vs. Facebook Ads


    • Since it's a career-oriented website, professionals tend to use LinkedIn, while teenagers, retired people and college students join large numbers of working adults on Facebook. People share information related to their careers on Facebook, but much of the information shared is personal. This difference in how people use the two networking sites is an importation considering when determining where to advertise. For example, you might decide to advertise a consumer product on Facebook while promoting your company's business services on LinkedIn.


    • Facebook and LinkedIn both allow you to use information they gather from users in order to target your ads. When deciding where to advertise, choose the one that allows you to best target your intended audience. You can target your Facebook ads based on location, gender, age, interests, Pages "liked," birthday, relationship status, education, and more. For example, online dating websites can target their ads to appear only to Facebook users who aren't in a relationship. LinkedIn doesn't offer as many personal targeting factors but has options that are helpful for business-to-business marketing. For example, fulfillment companies can target their ads to senior managers within the retail industry.


    • Facebook and LinkedIn both display ads to to the side of the page's main content, but LinkedIn also displays text ads below the website's banner on many pages and has additional advertisement positions below the content on many pages. Despite the greater number of ads that appear on LinkedIn, ads are more prominent on Facebook pages. The increased visibility of ads on Facebook is particularly important if you're paying per impression. In the cost per impression (CPM) model, you pay a set fee for 1,000 ads displayed on LinkedIn or Facebook. If ads aren't highly visible, you may spend money on ads that are rarely noticed.


    • LinkedIn ads are typically more expensive than Facebook ads. In an undated case study published on social media strategist Andrea Vahl's website, Vahl paid $3.25 per click on LinkedIn and only $0.31 per click on Facebook for similar ad campaigns. However, LinkedIn's business-oriented targeting options and perception as a professional resource may make the ads a better value in some cases, such as marketing business services and products to other businesses.

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