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Peter Sunde Of Pirate Bay Demands An Alternative To Icann - Now Dashworlds Opens First New Domain

(1888PressRelease) Peter Sunde believes the DNS can change. Peter Sunde is right. The proof comes as a brand new Internet and DNS system opens to the general public. The newly formed DNS is not connected, reliant or even answerable to ICANN. Operating on Dashcom (not Dotcom) protocols, this new DNS is also completely free.

With the launch of a brand new Domain Name System, Internet users begin to access the next Internet Universe. Offering the ability to register previously unheard of domain names such as sports-com and to publish previously unheard of websites as "luxury-net" the World Wide Web has changed forever.

A transformation in the DNS structure means that DOTCOM has become DASHCOM. Simply select any two words and separate them with a dash. For example, take "games" and "com" to create the website "games-com" (you no longer need "www"). Try any combination (in any language). Use "foot" and "ball" to create the website "foot-ball."

DASHCOM websites are springing up all over the world. An extra dimension has been added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without restriction. This isn't ICANN, instead think of a Private Global Network fully integrated into the current system. These new domain names offer almost unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalization and easy-to-remember options., who are currently giving away these domains free, have been inundated as Internet users continue to grab the most memorable, distinctive and potentially valuable names.

After today, anything is possible. Create your own TLDs (top level domains) in any language or text (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish to name just a few). The new DASHCOM domains are available free at ISPs like also provides free URL, IP and DNS forwarding for all. A personalised control panel is provided to enable users to publish their websites immediately. Coming soon, other free features such as Dashcom email, instant email, website design, upgraded website hosting as well as data storage.

For ISPs, free link-ins now available to add even more value to their existing services.

About Dashworlds

Dashworlds Ltd is a UK company that specializes in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names through its global infrastructure.

For further details, please see website

(also available on and


DASHWORLDS has now linked up with other ISPs such as and (Also accessible via to offer the newly released "DASHCOM domains to the public totally free.

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