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Easy Ways to Become Organized at Home

Ways to Become Organized

Here are 3 places to find help, 2 ideas about picking your battles where to start, 1 tested ruler for making decisions and more.

An organized home is a much more peaceful place to relax, refresh and recharge.You'll feel better about yourself as a whole when you can defeat clutter and regain order and control.

Professional Source of Help?

Many times, you'll need some assistance with ways to become organized.

This could come in the form of friends or family, but in some cases, professional help may be required.

Sometimes friends with common decluttering need swap out time,ideas, and elbow grease to help each other untangle each's homes on different weekends.

If you're not acquainted with any professional organizers, you can always shop around for them in the classifieds. They'll provide information about your options, possible systems and products that will fit your home and style.

Be warned however, just because they have a website or an advertisement in the paper does not mean they are actually 'professionals.'

Make sure you check references, price and more when hiring someone to help you organize. One good place to start is NAPO.com, the website for the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Pick Your Battles

If organization has never been your strong suit, the entire house may require a makeover. But it's important to pick your initial battles when finding ways to become organized. There are two different trains of thought on this process; you can choose either the least important area of the house or the most important.

Least important areas will give you a little breathing room. You won't feel pressured to be perfect the first time and can actually work on it at a reasonable pace.

For instance, if you start the bedroom closet and cannot get it finished in one day, no one other than you will be the wiser. On the other hand, if the kitchen is your first choice you'll need to have the time and patience to see it through to the end.

6 Month Rule and Sentimental Items

When you're attempting to declutter there are two major roadblocks to success: those things you may need 'some day' and those of sentimental value. People treasure even broken things out of a misplaced sense of sentiment.

For sentimental problems you have to ask yourself what is more important, a decluttered home or keeping a broken item? Keep in mind that it's your memories that make the piece special, and those you will always have.

Six months is the golden ruler for determining which items you should keep and which should find a new home. If you can't remember, set up a six-month box, label it, pack it, and after 180 days get rid of it

This of course won't apply to seasonal items such as the leaf blower, lawn mower, BBQ grill and such.

Final Thoughts

Choose the option that best fits your budget and lifestyle. Start where you feel comfortable and pay close attention to the 6 month rule. 

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