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Marie Curie Excellence Grants

    General Information

    • The grants fund the creation of Excellence Teams, which are research teams located at a host organization. The teams have an international makeup. Grant applications are submitted by the potential team leader and host organization. The Marie Curie Excellence Grants look for research proposals with a European impact. The only type of proposal not eligible for a grant is in the nuclear fusion and fission area.

    Applications and Host Organizations

    • Proposals that meet the conditions of the grants can be made once a request for proposals is announced on the CORDIS website. Applications are made online. The host organizations that are part of the proposals must be research organization in the European Union or associated states. Eligible organizations include national organizations, commercial organizations, nonprofit or charitable organizations, international European interest organizations and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.

    Grant Value

    • The 2005 budget of Marie Curie Excellence Grants was 40 million Euros ($54.6 million in 2010). The grant size can vary depending on the number of worthy submissions. In 2005 the grants ranged between 850,000 Euros and 2 million Euros ($1.2 million to $2.7 million). The grant is used to pay living, mobility and travel allowances (all based on fixed rates) for member of the Excellence Team, up to 65 percent of the total of the grant. The remainder is expected to go toward research costs, overhead and management-related expenses.

    Current Status

    • The last call for proposals was made in 2005, with the submissions due in 2006. The proposals were reviewed throughout the year, and the first contracts were signed with the recipients in September, 2006. During that process, 266 proposals were submitted, and 55 percent passed the quality thresholds for funding, and 11 percent (29 proposals) were eventually funded. As of 2011, there's no indication of when or if another request for proposals will be made.

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