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Composting at Home

Composting at home can not only be a great way to save the environment, it also provides great nutrients for your yard and garden. An added benefit is that is helps to teach your children how to be environmentally responsible.

Getting started composting at home is really not that difficult. In its most basic sense, all you do is pile up all your organic waste into one pile.

Then after several months, the material should be degraded into what essentially looks like rich organic soil.

While it may sound simple, in order to optimally compost your organic material you have to get several things right.

For example, you need to have the right combination of carbon and nitrogen in your pile.

Carbon is usually from things like wood, twigs and leaves. Nitrogen rich products include things food waste products. Too many nitrogen rich foods and make the pile smell, but on the other hand, too many carbon rich ingredients, will greatly slow the composting rate.

Other things that can affect the composting rate include things like the oxygenation level of the pile, the internal temperature, and the moisture level.

In order to aerate the pile properly, you need to take a pitchfork and turn the pile over a regular basis. This provides oxygen for all the helpful bacteria that are inside the pile breaking down the matter.

Also you want your pile to be damp, but not too wet. Having a damp pile helps it to retain a higher internal temperature which is needed to properly break down organic matter. In fact some compost piles have been known to reach up to 180°F.

As you can see, this simple pile can be quite complicated. If you still have doubts, the best thing to do is to just start your pile now, and learn as you go.

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