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How to mentain your skin beautiful

Calendar summer has already begun. But meteorologically, we still have to pass over a few capricious days. This does not prevent us from thinking about the holidays or the summer's small surprises. Mornings on the beach, summer fruits which will ravish our senses or vaporous clothing are just a few free pleasures that we will enjoy. The transition from spring to summer takes into account not only the fashion trends, but also the way we prepare our body and skin for the 'hottest' season of the year.

Keep an appropriate diet!

By diet we understand healthy nourishment, adequate to the warm season. Therefore give up heavy food and pork, and eat especially food rich in zinc (fish, seafood, cheese, peas, eggs, seeds, oysters), magnesium (peas, chocolate, peanuts, nuts, bananas, spinach) and maintain a balance between proteins and carbohydrates. Remember that water plays a crucial role in our skin elasticity and hydration so drink at least 2 liters of water per day. You can also choose special vitamins for skin, nails and hair, a big help during this season. Choose, for example Viaderm vitamins, Bio Selenium Zinc complex or Perfectil. They, along with a proper diet, will keep your skin soft and healthy.

Beware of peeling!

The dead cells of our body or face must be removed before exposure to sun or before dressing in summer clothes. First, as a general rule, you must know that body or facial peeling should be done up to 3 times a week. Then, in case of cellulite, after exfoliation you should apply a cellulite cream. Massage is also very important reducing the traces of cellulite rapidly. If you have not this problem, after peeling apply a moisturizer depending on your skin type: for example, for those with dry skin there are recommended creams based on urea. Besides commercial products you can choose natural peeling methods. The best for the face are those with corn flour or bran, and for the body those based on coffee grounds. We recommend also a home made face peeling recipe that should contain 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of corn flour and one egg. Mix the ingredients and apply the mask on the face, leaving about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Protect your skin!

No matter how much you enjoy a tanned skin, I do not think you want your skin to get also early wrinkles. Choose a cream with SPF sunscreen protection according to your skin type and apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure. Moreover, it should be reapplied after contact with water or sand.

Among moisturizers, the dermatocosmetics would be preferred because they do not contain parabens, thus being better tolerated by the skin. You can choose from a wide range of products: Avene, La Roche Posay,Vichy, Bioderma, Uriage, etc.

Also, a product irreplaceable during the summer vacation, and not only then, is thermal water. The thermal water has many properties: from hydration, to relief of irritation or burns caused by hair removal or sun exposure. It can be used by children, adults and elders alike. You need to know that the difference between different types of thermal water is represented by the percentage of mineral salts.

Get ready for the beach!

How to do this? Just introduce into your diet carrots and cantaloupe to get tanned quickly and evenly. There are on the market also beta-carotene pills very useful at this time. If your skin is very pale, consider getting selftanned before the holidays with specific sprays or creams. However, if you stop applying these products, there is the risk of getting spots on the skin. Some perfumes from Davidoff, Kenzo and Cerutti moisturizes skin also.

Use sunscreen creams!

Even if you want a nice tan rapidly, the sunscreen creams are the most important. Do not be persuaded by the myth that if you choose a cream with high protection factor you do not get tanned at all. You will get tanned a little slower, it is true, but you will protect your skin from possible future problems. The lighter your skin is, the higher should be the SPF factor of the moisturizer you apply. The secret consists in changing the SPF factor as you get tanned. For example, if in the first 2-3 days you apply a moisturizer with SPF 30, after that you can go to SPF 20.

Treat sunburns or heatstrokes carefully!

If you have lingered too long on the beach, use special sprays, such as: the spray with propolis from Apicola, Oximed Spray or Fenisil Gel. Also for headaches, nausea or symptoms caused by heatstroke you can take also pills such as Nurofen or aspirin.

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