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Breakfast Ideas for Large Crowds

    Breakfast Pizza

    • Breakfast pizza is a crowd-pleasing food that is versatile enough to suit everyone. The ingredients can be divided to fit several pans and the pizzas can be put together fast. Some items to include on the pizza include scrambled eggs, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, crumbled breakfast sausage and bacon. Other items can be added to suit the taste of the crowd.

    Scrambled Eggs

    • Scrambled eggs are a versatile dish that can be prepared in large batches. Additional ingredients can be added to the eggs such as bell peppers, a variety of cheeses, breakfast meats, and even hash browns. Round the meal out with biscuits, coffee and fresh juice.

    Fruit Salad

    • Fruit salad can be created the night before and is easily modified to suit the size and needs of a crowd. Choose a variety of fruits such as melon, strawberries, apples, oranges and pineapple. Provide plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt as a topping.


    • Oatmeal is a crowd-friendly meal that can be cooked in large batches. Provide fresh berries, nuts, cinnamon and brown sugar for guests to mix into the oatmeal. This idea also works well with other hot breakfast cereals.

    Buscuits and Gravy

    • Gravy is a hot dish that is simple to prepare in large batches. Add in crumbled bacon, beef or sausage for added flavor. Serve with a large batch of biscuits to round out the meal. The dish is hot and filling.

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