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Free Fighter Airplanes Games

    "Dog Fight"

    • A 2D game created by Rock Solid Arcade, "Dog Fight" tasks the player with piloting a World War I plane to destroy the enemy. The player maneuvers the plane using the arrow keys on the keyboard and shoots with the space bar button. There are a total of 10 levels to complete in single-player mode. Two-player mode is also available for you to do battle with your friends.

    "Solo Hero"

    • "Solo Hero" is a 2D military game produced by Free Online Games. Players use the W, A and D keyboard keys to pilot the plane and the space bar to drop bombs. You work your way through each level, dropping bombs on soldiers, tanks and other planes. There are over 10 levels to complete, each one gradually becoming more difficult.

    "Frontline Bomber"

    • "Frontline Bomber" is a simplistic 2D game that allows the player to become a German pilot controlling a World War II plane. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to to move the plane back and forth across the screen, avoiding the enemy's artillery. Press the space bar to drop bombs onto the heavy cannons and trucks. The aim of the game is to score as many points as you can before your plane is destroyed.

    "Fighter Plane: Aerial Dogfight"

    • "Fighter Plane: Aerial Dogfight" is a 3D fighter plane game that was made using Adobe Flash and released in 2005. Players use the mouse to control the plane and fire with the left-hand mouse button. There are a total of five levels for you to complete, each varying in difficulty.

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