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How to Decorate a Fellowship Hall for Valentine's Day

    Table Decorations

    • 1). Put a basic white tablecloth on each table. You can use cloth if it is available, but paper or plastic usually works for informal gatherings.

    • 2). Put a red table runner down the center of each table. If the tables are round, use a red circle cutout in the center of the table instead.

    • 3). Sprinkle silver heart-shaped confetti and silver foil-wrapped candies along the table runner.

    • 4). Put a few small, round mirrors on the table runner. Use three or four spaced evenly around a round table or a mirror every 2 feet on a long table.

    • 5). Place a tea-light candle directly onto each mirror. Light them just before the event begins because they only burn for a few hours.

    Room Decorations

    • 1). Inflate red, white and pink balloons with a helium tank. Tie each balloon off and tie a ribbon to the bottom.

    • 2). Tie balloons to chairs around the perimeter of the fellowship hall. If the ceilings are anywhere from 8 to 12 feet tall, you could let the balloons float on the ceiling instead and cut the ribbons to a length so adults can reach the balloons but the ribbons do not hit people's heads.

    • 3). Hang large heart cutouts on the walls. One idea is to have children make the hearts the week before as a craft project in their classes. Have the kids decorate the hearts with glitter and markers to personalize them.

    • 4). Fold a long strip of tissue paper accordion-style into a square and use scissors to cut around the edges of the square to form a heart shape. Leaving at least 1 to 2 inches of the edges intact on each side of the heart. When you open it up, you have a heart banner. Make many of these and hang them across doorways or on the walls in the fellowship hall.

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