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Handmade Designer Envelopes

Money envelopes have always been a part of the Indian tradition. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, or any ritual, you can always see colorful envelopes being passed from one hand to another. It helps you to keep the money safely and are used in lieu of gifts and in the form of blessings. People are always on the lookout for better styles and designs of envelopes that are noticed and appreciated. This has lead to the popularity of handmade designer envelope. You can easily find new designs and colors and would be surprised at the variety that is available.

Earlier people made these envelopes at home but now everyone is busy in their career. The paper producer and card manufacturers have however introduced these designer envelopes and you can buy them instead of making them. With time, new designs and material have been introduced. If you want to buy them in bulk for an upcoming marriage or function then you can get them at discounted prices as well. The card and envelope manufacturers can provide you with specific designs also. So if you are planning for a theme wedding and need envelopes to match it then you can contact a good company that deals in custom made envelopes. The prices vary according to the material used and the printing cost.

If you wish to buy a designer envelope here are a few things that you can consider.


As mentioned before, the market is flooded with different option which includes simple designs and elaborate ones as well. If you wish to buy them for a general occasion like birthdays or mahurats then you can buy simple ones. In case you wish to use it for corporate gifting then you can get envelopes that have your company logo or other relevant design. For weddings, you can choose something more elaborate. Bright colored envelopes with religious symbols can be chosen for such events.


If you are getting the envelopes designed for your own wedding or for a theme party then you need to choose the colors and design properly. The color you choose should match your theme. If you are buying wedding cards and envelopes then contrasting colors should be chosen. Make sure that you choose the background color and the font color carefully so that they coordinate well. It should not look gaudy and the print should be visible.

Design it carefully

The design or the print that you choose for the envelope should be as per your theme. However, you must make sure that they are not overdone. The money envelopes are small in size and filling it up too much designing can make it look cluttered. You can choose a section of the theme and use it for the envelopes which make it look attractive.

Apart from wedding, people use envelopes for stationeries and office communication as well. If you need something like this then you should make sure that the envelope bears your logo and has a simple formal design. For this you can contact a company ( ) that designs stationeries like kids cards, notepads and more. They can help you to design your envelope and other useful stationery as well.

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