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Living With Abundance And The Law Of AttractionPart 2

How often have I thought or said: "I cannot . . . ." I can't run a mile . . . I can't afford it . . . Someone else is not helpful (or a pain etc.) - of course, I am stating it politely! I want to feel more happy, excited, calm, peaceful, etc. you can substitute your own emotion here!

Robert Kiyosaki first pointed me to a much more empowering alternative thought, question, or belief: "How Can I . . .?" "What Can I . . .?" OK I want to run a mile - what do I have to do and how can I make it easy and fun? In other words, how do I get started? I want to buy an expensive . . . How Can I afford it? How Can this person's skills and resources be used to the collective benefit?

Then Anthony Robbins helped me realise that my emotions are values that are based upon beliefs or rules.

So I took Robert Kiyosaki's question and applied it to Anthony Robbins' ideas and asked myself: "How Can I be more happy?" "How Can I be more excited?"

Another really important aspect of this that actually helped to get started, instead of procrastinating, was listening to an interview of David Allen on CNET. David Allen is all about "Getting Things Done".

Like Robbins & Kiyosaki, you have you know what your outcome or goal is and Allen adds: "Make sure that you know what is the next step!"

Very simple and very powerful.

Lao Tsu said "Every Step is a Victory".

Absolutely, every step is a step towards my outcome.

I used to never reach the empowering question because a disempowering thought blocked it, such as I don't what to do or how to do it perfectly. Now, I usually get to the empowering question from the disempowering thought I am learning to get there faster or even instantly by not have the disempowering thought at all in the first place.

This is helping me to create and nurture an even more abundant mindset which leads me to influence myself and those with whom I have contact to "Live With Abundance".

This may sound simple: Like people are attracted to like Like minds are attracted to like Like thoughts are attracted to like You have to be what you want to attract, then you will surround yourself with like-mind people that provide leverage to empower each other even more.

Good Luck (Preparation Meeting Opportunity) and Good Thoughts.

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