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Six Figure Income: How To Earn A Full Time Passive Income Online

This article will outline a way to make money online, and specifically, how to make a six figure passive income online.

Do you know what every successful online marketer has in common?
They have a system in place that allows them to earn a regular, and steady income online. Many have developed their system into one that enables them to make a full time, passive income from their efforts. Some even reach the heights of a six figure incme from their online efforts.

So what is that system?

Quite simply, it is a six step system that is comprised of the following steps:

Step 1: Identification of a hungry market of buyers.

Every successful, full time marketer knows their target market. They have identified the demographics of that market and are actively marketing their products to those buyers. They know their age, sex, education levels, preferences, buying patterns and ability to pay for the products they offer. They have done their homework to know these facts about their market. and they know how to present their offers so that their hungry market buys.

They know that the secret to a six figure income is to regularly provide to these hungry buyers what they seek online, and that this process could result in a passive online income stream that lasts for years.

Step 2: Keyword research and identification.

Successful online marketers research keywords that they can use to build their business around. The blogs, the websites, the articles that will drive traffic to their sites are all keyword-optimized so that they can maximize the success with their online efforts. Websites that are keyword rich and targeted to a specific, identified market can be the road to your very own passive income stream of six figures annually.

Step 3: Quality products and instant delivery.

Successful online marketers know that they have to provide a quality product and to deliver that product instantly. With the advent of electronic delivery systems that has become achievable instantly, as the product can be delivered to the customer immediately after the payment processor has confirmed payment has been made. Successful online marketers know that quality of the product is paramount and they only provide the best products to meet the needs of their hungry market. If you treat your customers as they want and deliver ther product instantly you will begin to build your six figure income online as a way to make money passively.

Step 4: High commission level on products.

Six figure income earners know that they have to be paid appropriately for their products. Many only promote those products that offer a commission amount of $ 197, $ 297. $ 397, or $ 497 per sale. High end commissions ensure that incomes grow quickly with repeat sales and successful marketers limit their activities to products that pay in this range. Although it is possible to generate six figures a year with low-end products, the real money is to be found in the promotion of high end commission, or in the promotion of membership sites that pay reasonable, and regular, monthly commissions for each sale.

Step 5: Link wheel and sales funnel is created.

Everything is done once and then automated. The opt-in page, the squeeze page, the thank you page, the autoresponder, the email series of follow up letters are all set up once and then run on autopilot. There is nothing to be done manually once the system is set up and started.

Successful marketers know that they have to keep the machine well oiled, and supplied with leads. A link wheel is set up that incorporates advertising, backlinks, content updates, email follow up, drip-selling procedures, complimentary product upsales, traffic generation, social media linkups and other continual updates to the system to ensure that it not only runs on autopilot but that a continual stream of new prospects are introduced and supplied regularly. The link wheel will focus all efforts at continually finding, searching, screening, pre-selling, filtering, and moving prospects through the sales funnel until they either buy or remove themselves from the autoresponder.

Step 6: Drive traffic to the site.

Once the system is set up, the only thing that remains is to drive traffic to the site. There are many ways to do this including using free and paid traffic sources in addition to the social marketing sites that are popular online. The more traffic that you drive to the site, the more the system will be fed and the more the system will produce for you.

Step 6: Repeat the process.

Once the system is set up and producing results for you, the next job is to repeat the process with another niche. Pick another niche, repeat the steps herein and achieve the same results in that niche. A separate and completely automated income stream for your online income arsenal.

There you have it. Now go and do it.

Setting up your own money making system that could grow into six figures a year is not only possible, but doable.

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