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Big Buddha Seed Varieties

The Big Buddha is a well known name in the world of cannabis seeds. The company also offers you a wide range of seeds to choose from. If you are unfamiliar with the different seed varieties they have on offer, read on to find out more about them.

The extensive range of seeds provided by Big Buddha has been genetically altered to produce the perfect plant. What's more, the seeds have also been put through the process of ‘feminization' to ensure that the male plants do not compromise the quality of the buds by turning them into seed producing factories. Since it's the female plants that produce buds, you must remember to use feminine seeds exclusively; unless of course you wish to breed them as well.

The seeds are available in pick and mix selections that allow you to choose and mix seeds according to your personal tastes and requirements. Thus, you can buy as many seeds as you want or opt for a single seed of the type of plant you desire. They are well marked and easily distinguishable. So there's very little chance of a mix up when growing them.

It would be advisable to take advantage of the wide seed varieties offered by Big Buddha. The catalogues provide you with information on the amazing assortment of available seeds. Choosing several of these at one time will help you achieve the best variety of plant production. Some of the better known seed choices include the Blue cheese, Bubble Cheese, Cheesus, Chiesel, G Bomb and the Kali.

The Blue cheese variety of seeds has been specially developed by crossing blueberry and cheese strains. It has an easily distinguishable fruity and sweet flavor and makes a wonderful choice for those who reminisce about 1980's original hybrids. The bubble cheese variety on the other hand, has a much fatter head. This generally stout plant is a pleasure to grow.

The Cheesus seeds are very strong and are widely praised by people of the hard core smoking community. Alternatively, a Chiesel is a good choice for those looking for an instant uplift or general feeling of wellbeing. This is one of the best hybrids to smoke up and offers you a great high by virtue of the ‘feel good genes' of its parents.

The G-bomb seed is ideally recommended for those who have some experience with smoking cannabis. It is a heavier and a more narcotic version of the cheese variety and can lead to a full body stone after smoking. The Kali is another very heavy narcotic bud that has been developed from the Kali variety of seeds offered by Big Buddha.

Recently, Big Buddha also launched the ‘Automatic' and the ‘Buddha Haze' variety of seeds. The Automatic has been specifically developed to exhibit more stability and vigor, along with great taste. It is one of the most convenient auto flowering plants to grow as well. The Buddha Haze is a very unique seed with a flavor that's reminiscent of tropical fruit.

Choosing any of these Big Buddha seed offerings, will help you achieve a high like never before.

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