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How to Decorate With Cricut Vinyl

    • 1). Power on your Cricut machine by pressing the round power button.

    • 2). Load a cartridge into your Cricut machine with the cartridge label facing out.

    • 3). Select a cutting mat depending on the size of your vinyl and the type of machine. The original Cricut Personal Cutter uses a 6-by-6-inch cutting mat. The Expression, Create and Imagine use a 12-by-12-inch or 12-by-24-inch cutting mat. Cut your vinyl to the size of your mat using scissors if needed.

    • 4). Align the vinyl with the corners of your cutting mat. Press the vinyl onto the adhesive cutting mat with the vinyl facing up. Smooth out any bubbles or creases with a craft stick.

    • 5). Load your cutting mat into the Cricut machine by aligning the end of the mat with the rollers on the front of the machine. Press the "Load Paper" button to load the mat.

    • 6). Use the keypad layover that came with your cartridge and place it over the keypad on the Cricut machine. Press the corresponding button to the letter or image you want the Cricut to cut. For upper case letters, press the "Shift" key before pressing the letter. Use the Shift key to select the image in the upper right hand corner of each image button.

    • 7). Select the size of your image by turning the size dial on the right front of the machine.

    • 8). Press "Cut" once you enter in all the images and letters you want.

    • 9). Press "Unload Paper" when the Cricut finishes cutting.

    • 10

      Use the spatula tool to carefully lift the images and letters from the cutting mat.

    • 11

      Remove the backing from the transfer tape. Lay the backing on a flat surface with the grid facing up. Lay the transfer tape sticky side up on the grid and line up the edges.

    • 12

      Arrange your vinyl images or letters onto the transfer tape with the adhesive backing facing up and working from the middle of the paper out. Some of your images may have the backing sheet still attached; remove the backing from the vinyl before placing it onto the transfer tape. Use the grid to measure spacing and to line up your images.

    • 13

      Grasp the edges of the transfer tape and place it sticky side down onto a wall or other surface.

    • 14

      Use a craft stick to rub the image onto the wall or surface. Use firm pressure to adhere the vinyl.

    • 15

      Remove the transfer tape slowly. If the vinyl sticks to the tape instead of the wall or surface, rub the tape firmly to adhere the vinyl to the surface.

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