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Kundan Jewelry Delight And Fervor Indian Brides

A lot can be included in the trousseau of a would-be bride these days. In India, bridal jewelry has major significance as a participant in the colorful ceremonies of different wedding styles in the country. This encourages the jewelry designers and makers to come up with great wedding jewelry ideas. One of the most admirable categories is that of kundan jewelry that has gained worldwide recognition.

The use of kundan jewelry items in the recent Bollywood movies has added to peoples interest in this beautiful jewelry style. Going further, many Bollywood celebrities have used these jewelry items in their wedding ceremonies, thereby increasing attraction towards them. Learn how jewelry made in kundan is an outstanding wedding jewelry option.

Royal Appeal

Kundan jewelry has a royal origination as the jewelry style was initiated by the Mughal Empire centuries ago. Even if this royal association is not considered, these jewelry items have royal appeal which is apparent to the eyes. An amazing aspect of this form of jewelry is that it doesnt glitters much, but has that rustic charm that makes its truly attention-grabbing. And it is a fact that every bride wishes to gain the maximum attention on the most important day of her life which is possible with this magnificent jewelry.

Unusual Designing Style

The way kundan jewellery is designed reflects the incomparable craftsmanship and hard work put in by the artists and jewelry makers. Unlike other jewelry making styles in India, this form of jewelry involves setting up of gemstones and precious stones in the core material without the need to create frames for clasping stones. Lac is used as the core material and kundan is used as the base material to set stones.

In addition, the kundan visible on the sides is made to look neat and clean. The art of meenakari is done further to make kundan jewelry items even more wonderful. This involves doing enamel work at the reverse of these items. It is worth mentioning that every small unit of a jewelry item is designed separately and then soldered together. The type of intricacy that these jewelry items display is worth taking a note.

Involving Different materials in Wedding Kundan Jewelry

Indian wedding jewelry usually involves a mix of different materials that are colorful and truly mesmerizing. In this regard, kundan jewelry is indeed a great choice. These jewelry items are designed using soft gold, silver and even copper as the base material. The use of diamonds has added a new dimension to the jewelry items made of kundan. There is no limit to the variety of gemstones in different shapes, sizes and colors that can be used to enhance the look and appeal of these jewelry items.

Wedding kundan necklaces are extremely pleasing items that augment the excitement of brides to prepare for wedding. Kundan bangles, anklets, chokers, rings and earrings are other wedding jewelry items that are in rage.

Not only the brides, but other women attending the weddings too show interest in kundan jewelry. An Indian wedding can be made memorable with the presence of these splendid jewelry items.

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