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How to Make a Nutcracker Doll

    Nutcracker Paper Doll Popsicle Puppet

    • 1). Search for pictures of nutcrackers in magazines, books, or online with arms and legs. Print or copy the pictures. You could also have your child draw a picture of a nutcracker. Enlarge the nutcracker picture if necessary on a copy machine.

    • 2). Cut out the nutcracker picture. Place the nutcracker picture onto the card stock and trace around the character. Cut the traced image on the card stock. Glue the cut cartoon character onto its card stock.

    • 3). Cut your wrapping paper to make clothes and shoes for your nutcracker doll. Place the character onto the wrapping paper and draw a clothes outline on the wrapping paper. Cut the wrapping paper clothes. Place the wrapping paper clothes onto your nutcracker. Decorate your nutcracker's clothes. Glue your paper doll with clothes onto your popsicle stick.

    Family Picture Nutcracker Paper Dolls

    • 1). Print your family member's photo onto you printer paper or photo paper. Use this picture to replace the nutcracker's face. Cut the family member’s picture. Trace an outline onto your card stock. Glue the picture outline onto the card stock.

    • 2). Cut the body (shoulders, arms, torso and legs) off of your nutcracker picture. Trace the outline of the body onto card stock. Place the card stock body outline onto your wrapping paper or construction paper. Glue the card stock to your construction paper or wrapping paper and decorate.

    • 3). Glue your family picture doll onto your popsicle stick.

    Felt Christmas Ornament Nutcracker Doll

    • 1). Cut out an outline of a picture of a traditional nutcracker doll from either a magazine, book or printed picture.

    • 2). Use your markers to trace the outline of the picture onto card stock. Use this card stock outline to trace onto your felt for the rest of the project.

    • 3). Trace two outlines of the torso and arms for a front and back for your nutcracker on your red felt. Draw two rectangles onto your red felt to represent the back and front of the nutcracker's hat.

    • 4). Draw two big circles on your flesh-colored felt to represent the nutcracker's face and back of the head. Draw four smaller circles on the same felt to represent the front and back of the right and left hand of your nutcracker.

    • 5). Draw a half circle onto your black felt to create the nutcracker's hat bill. Draw four outlines for boots on your black felt for a front and back.

    • 6). Draw two outlines for the legs onto your white felt for the nutcracker's stockings or pants. Draw a triangle onto your white felt to represent the nutcracker's goatee. Draw a outline for a mustache and an outline for hair. Draw a rectangle to represent your nutcracker's teeth.

    • 7). Lay your torso with arms down on a flat surface. Place a small dot of glue onto the top of your torso to glue the head onto. Place a dot of glue on either side of the arms to glue the hands. Place glue onto the bottom of the torso to attach the legs. Let dry.

    • 8). Turn your nutcracker doll over and glue on the back of the boots, hair, and hat. Let dry.

    • 9). Assemble the front of your nutcracker doll. Attach the torso, legs, hands, head, hair, hat and boots with glue. Let dry. Draw on eyes and a nose on your nutcracker's face. Glue the mustache, goatee and teeth onto the face. Draw lines on the white felt to create teeth.

    • 10

      Place cotton balls or batting on the front of the assembled nutcracker's back portion. Trace a line of glue on the felt and glue the front part of the nutcracker's body onto the back. Let dry. Insert your needle and thread into the nutcracker's hat and tie to make a loop.

    • 11

      Place the nutcracker ornament on your Christmas tree.

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