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Piano Teachers In Singapore

Good piano teachers in Singapore are great professional music teachers with a variety of training, extensive music experience background and have achieved the highest skill level. They can be certified or non-certified. Our teachers either have had formal training, from a school designated for musical training, or had training from a teacher and has pursued and developed their skills to become proficient in their field.

A piano teacher can be certified. One certification is from the Music Teachers National Association that certifies teachers based on five major criteria: professional preparation, teaching practice, business practice, partnerships and personal renewal. Our teachers practice all these.

We have certified piano teachers who can come to your home, or you can go to their studio for one-on-one lessons. The benefit of individual lessons is that the frequency of the lessons can be adjusted to suit your availability. Usually our students take regular weekly lessons to keep their learning momentum going at a steady pace. This will enable them to remember and internalize what they are learning.

Our teachers will provide the standard basic music scores for you to practice to build your skills set. Your interest in any particular genre of music will be taken into consideration when designing your piano lessons. Your tailored lessons will enable you to enjoy the learning process and progress faster because you will have the motivation to learn to play your favorite songs.

Our teachers believe that learning how to play the piano will drastically improve your other life skills, such as coordination. Compared to other musical instruments, the piano needs the activity of both hands to press the piano keys simultaneously. While one hand is playing a melody, the other hand is needed to keep a beat that is slow and steady. The hands are not the only ones working, so are all your fingers. These actions keep your brain active and focused.

Our specially trained and devoted piano teachers make sure that their students who are learning music not only learn how to play the piano, but also have the opportunity to develop your creative skills by crafting your own tunes if you are so inclined. Our teachers' teaching methodology is to hone your natural learning process.

Studies indicate that the earlier you start to learn a new skill, the easier it will be to master it. Children can easily learn a new language if they start doing so at a relatively early age. However, with an experienced music teacher, the benefits are still prevalent for all ages. When learning the piano, our students eventually learn the process of following directions, thinking in a critical manner and scanning the music notes materials while concurrently putting this visualization into action by playing the keys of the notes.

Our piano lessons help both the young and adult learners develop courage. It takes courage to accept difficult challenges such as performing in front of family, friends, strangers and a large crowd. Piano lessons can be an opportunity for you to treasure the value of having a positive outlook despite difficulties. The ability to handle stress and uncertainty helps decrease anxiety. Playing the piano encourages healthy fearlessness as it teaches you to practice what your teacher shows you so that you can build confidence in your abilities till you are ready to get up on the stage and play.

Piano lessons also train perseverance. A major part of accomplishing your dreams and overcoming difficulties is to not give up easily. Piano lessons need time, and the ability to accept making mistakes is part and parcel to attaining success. You learn the fact that succeeding is not a walk in the park, which is the same as in life and other aspects of your daily life. A practical skill you will learn from our teachers is how to properly adjust your own expectations especially if you find a song or music piece complicated. Slowly but surely, you then learn that great things can be achieved by taking small but continuous baby steps. Consistency is the key. Our piano teachers will help you develop these skills to master the piano and be the master of your life and success.

All in all, the benefits of taking piano lessons cannot be disregarded as it is very significant. Choose our piano teachers in Singapore who are professional, patient and who are more than ready to share their love for music with you.

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