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My GE Range Will Not Heat Past 250 Degrees

    Air Flow

    • When placing cookware in the oven, center items in the middle if possible and always maintain a few inches of space between the oven walls and the cookware. Pushing items up against the vents on the side of the oven can restrict air flow and reduce heating.

    Aluminum Foil

    • Never line the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil, as this keeps the heat below the aluminum foil, preventing the heat from transferring properly into the oven cavity. In addition, the aluminum foil may melt and damage the heating element, which will then need to be replaced.


    • If the oven continues to heat poorly, manually adjust the oven thermostat by pressing “Broil Hi/Lo” and “Bake” at the same time until “SF” appears. Press “Bake” and then the number pads to increase the temperature. You can set the oven up to 35 degrees higher, which would be entered as “3” and “5”. Then press “Start” to confirm. Make any necessary adjustments as needed until the oven temperature seems correct.


    • Look in the bottom of the oven for the thermostat sensing bulb, which will look like a small light bulb. If the bulb has fallen out, the oven will not heat correctly. Screw the bulb back into the holder on the side of the oven. If the oven thermostat sensing bulb is not loose or missing, contact GE for repair service, as the bake element or temperature sensor may need to be replaced.

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