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How to Put Together a Banquet

    • 1). If more than one person is going to be arranging the banquet, then duties should be split accordingly to ensure a successful outcome. Appoint a leader to manage and unify different tasks that need to be completed. Create a guest list. Putting together a banquet will require somebody with organizational skills.

    • 2). Determine a budget for the banquet, including a breakdown of expenditures for refreshments and decorations. A notebook, laptop or folder can assist in keeping things very organized. Organization is an essential key to success.

    • 3). Decide on a date and time for your banquet. Take into consideration the schedules of your guests. Arranging a Christmas banquet on Christmas Eve would not be a good idea, since many guests prefer to spend holidays at home with their families. If you're planning a banquet that will include children, then ensure that it ends at a reasonable time.

    • 4). Determine the location where the banquet is going to be held. Ensure that the facility you choose is booked approximately three months in advance of the actual banquet

    • 5). Design a floor plan that includes all seating for attendees and their guests. Include a head table for hosts and any special guests. Banquets that feature special guests will most likely require a podium or microphone if speeches or awards are given out.

    • 6). Produce a schedule for the duration of the banquet. Dinner should not be served until 30 minutes after the event begins to allow guests to arrive and mingle.

    • 7). Make sure you arrange for a caterer, and decide if you will have a buffet or a formal, sit-down dinner. A formal meal should include some kind of salad, the main course, dessert and a beverage. Allow guests to choose between two choices for the main course, and try to include a vegetarian option.

    • 8). Schedule any necessary entertainment if needed, such as a DJ, to provide music for dancing during the banquet. You should also consider getting a professional photographer.

    • 9). Plan decorations such as table settings, centerpieces, cutlery, flowers, lighting, seating covers, party favors and any holiday arrangements. Before purchasing decorations, consider the theme of your banquet. Order awards and any types of gifts at least a month before the banquet.

    • 10

      Remember to order invitations that provide all of the details of the banquet--date, location, time, cost and guest speakers. Send out thank-you cards after the banquet.

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