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How Is Calphalon's Saucier Different From Its Dutch Oven?

    Saucier Function

    • Calphalon's 5-qt. offering is a classical saucier design. Shorter than a saucepan, the saucier has a thicker bottom and sloping sides to evenly cook liquids requiring intensive stirring. Ideal for sauces, custards and reductions, the saucier provides you with easy access to all the ingredients in the pan due to its specialized shallow design.

    Dutch Oven Uses

    • Your dutch oven is a versatile heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Usually ranging in capacity from 7 to 8 qt. in standard size, the dutch oven can be used to braise meats, stew meats and vegetables or make rice. You can use your dutch oven on the stovetop or in the oven for casseroles or other one-dish meals.


    • The capacity of a saucier traditionally ranges from 1 to 5 qt. while dutch ovens are substantially larger. The saucier is not usually oven-safe but is intended for use on the stovetop burner for frequently-stirred liquid dishes. The dutch oven is often made of cast iron and can even be used to fry foods while the saucier is usually aluminum or copper. Calphalon's saucier is a nonstick-coated aluminum.


    • If you enjoy stirring up a batch of bechamel sauce or homemade Alfredo or you pride yourself on satiny custards, invest in a saucier for the best results. Its thick bottom and sloped sides will serve your purposes better than the larger, flat-sided dutch oven. If, however, you make more hearty stews and seldom make your sauces or reductions from scratch, a dutch oven will suit your purposes with its versatility.

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