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Paper Training Vs. Litter Training for Dogs

    What Is Paper Training?

    • Paper training is a method of house training a puppy that involves designating an acceptable place for the dog to do "its business" inside the house. Traditionally this spot is covered in newspaper, but in recent years many manufacturers have begun making "puppy pads" for this purpose.

    What Is Litter Training?

    • Litter training is a new concept for dog owners. It involves teaching your dog to potty in a litter box much like a cat would do. This is a popular option for single-pet owners and apartment dwellers.


    • Litter training is a more permanent solution to house breaking than paper training, because paper training is usually used as a stepping stone to getting the dog to go outside.


    • Resources on paper training will be easier to find because this method has been around for many years, but information on litter training is more scarce.

    Dog Size

    • Litter training is best suited to smaller breeds. Not only would it be difficult to find a litter box large enough to accommodate a larger dog, but the larger the dog, the more waste it will produce.

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