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Managing Midlife Career Change

Can You Manage a Midlife Career Change? Making a midlife career change is a big decision. If you are happy with life there is no need for change, but if you are not then remember: "If you do what you've always done you will get what you've always gotten" Nothing will change unless you do something different. The good news with Network Marketing is you don't have to burn your bridges, give up your day job - and a permanent income, or take a big risk. The financial risk is really very small when you consider you are aiming to achieve financial freedom.

But the great thing is that you don't have to change direction if you do already like what you do - you can carry on doing it! You just need to change your thinking about Network Marketing to realise it can be an enhancement rather than a hindrance...

It Is Not An EITHER/OR Choice. If you get intrinsic value, ie you feel good about what you do, but it just doesn't pay well enough, then you can use Network Marketing to supplement your income. It does not have to be a whole change of vocation.

You would actually be diversifying your risk by developing multiple streams of income. How many jobs today are actually permanent? Have you made provision in case your primary job disappears, which it can do in the modern world, especially in the current climate.

Your WHY needs to be inspiring enough to motivate you to make changes in your thinking and lifestyle, and motivate you into overcoming fear.

Fear of what? You might ask!

Change. Failure. Success (!) Being different. Admitting you are unhappy, or at least unfulfilled, where you are....

You Have To Admit It Before You Can Do Anything About It! A midlife career change is an admission that to some extent you've got it wrong so far. Or that you have not got as far as you would have liked!. That is not an easy thing to own up to. To yourself or to other people. If you decide on a new direction it can raise eyebrows amongst those close to you. We are usually in our teens or early twenties when we are trying to choose the right career path, and with the benefit of hindsight we often have to make that very important choice at a young age without really knowing what we want.

You set career objectives and set off on the path, only to find, sometimes many years later, that it has not led you where you want to be. Your job may not pay for the lifestyle you would like to have, or if it does you may have to work long hours and lose out on leisure or sacrifice your family time. There could be many factors that make you re-assess. So you start to look elsewhere and search for new ideas and seriously consider a midlife career change.

Escape From The Treadmill If you are looking for a new lifestyle and an escape from corporate life then you may start to consider home-based work. So you explore how to build wealth from home, attend wealth seminars and look at how to generate a supplemental income. Pre-conceptions about "pyramid schemes" may put you off the Network Marketing idea, as well the hype about mad money and the enticements to make quick cash. The way forward for homebased businesses is surely using the internet, and the dream of having a classy online business is very appealing. How can Network Marketing fit into that?

"I just don't have the time"

Traditional MLM methods are very time consuming. It is "sold" as flexible and something you can do part-time, but it is difficult to do when you come in from a full day's work.

INTERNETwork Marketing combines the power of the internet with the leverage of MLM. But also understanding the business and being able to explain it simply are the keys to being effective, and effiicient in leveraging your time.

Drive and determination is still needed and you still need to be able to communicate effectively and follow up with your prospects, wherever they are... But instead of spending time travelling to meetings or to presentation appointments you can genuinely earn money at home disseminating information and pointing people to presentations on the net. Instead of facing negative experiences that drain your energy and motivation you actually spend that time learning and adjusting. - using the tools and resources available to you. If you are considering a midlife career change then INTERNETwork Marketing can provide the way to take a Network Marketing business forward.

* It has a very low outlay to start a home business
* It is flexible and can be done part-time
* You do not need to leave your day-job
* You do not need to pester friends and family.

You don't need to involve or even tell them about it until you are ready and they have noticed the changes.

By then they will be asking you about it...

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